Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Benjamin's Boundaries

Benjamin is learning about what he can and can't do and, more importantly, what he should and shouldn't do. It is very confusing for him. I "should" on him all day long. Sometimes he is so cute and funny doing a "No-No" that I think I deserve an Academy Award for my supporting role and stifled giggles. He is a very capable and curious 19-month old. We are very proud of his accomplishments.Ben can climb into the glider in his room and rock it until it makes that fun clacking sound against the wall. He likes to play hide-and-peek in his closet. He is learning to make sure it doesn't turn into a game of "pick-up-clothes" for Mom and "boo-boo-buddy-ice-pack-on-fingers" for Ben.

Ben wants to be outside exploring ALL THE TIME. He is a budding-biologist, a natural-naturalist, or maybe a coyote. He has a major melt-down when he has to come in too soon. Melt-downs usually include Ben throwing things, then pointing and announcing "Uh-Oh". I would include a video, but they aren't really as funny as they sound on account of the volume and pitch of the sounds involved (more evidence ... coyote).
Ben is so tall, that he can reach the sink using his step-stool in our bathroom. He drags the stool all over the house to see what else he can reach. It sometimes becomes an appropriate tool. On this particular day, it was a piano bench.
We have extended our Ben-Proofing efforts into the yard. Ben had to be banned from skinny dipping (or dipping, period) with the pond fishes. We are having a heck-of-a-time trying to teach him to stop throwing rocks into the pond. I think, that he thinks, that he is feeding the fish. The consequence is severe (going inside). It still takes multiple tries to get him to stop. The next time we go out... he is at it again. So, I guess we really didn't need the fence... he is going to fill the pond in.
Ben always want to be up at the big-kid table now. He scoots the chair out, climbs up and sits or kneels at the table . He still uses his high chair to eat but, as soon as he perfects the use of an open-top big boy cup, we will be trying a booster chair so he can initiate his food-fights at closer range.
Ben is a little mountain goat these days. You can see the "oops... she caught me" look on his face in this next photo. He tries ALL DAY LONG to climb onto the tables, window sills, counter tops, etc... as if to say, "If you would just let me live outside then this wouldn't be an issue, Mom".
We are proud, and cringing, on a daily basis.


RBnorth said...

Wow! It makes me tired just looking at these pictures. I can't imagine following him around now.

Good luck!

DJB said...

If he WANTS to live outside why don't we LET him live outside? He can have kitty too, as his own personal space heater! Save up your energy grandma cause this little hurricane is coming to YOUR house soon!

DJB said...

I miss you sweet baby! I miss Benjamin too! Blowing kisses your way!