Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Benjamin's Boundaries

Benjamin is learning about what he can and can't do and, more importantly, what he should and shouldn't do. It is very confusing for him. I "should" on him all day long. Sometimes he is so cute and funny doing a "No-No" that I think I deserve an Academy Award for my supporting role and stifled giggles. He is a very capable and curious 19-month old. We are very proud of his accomplishments.Ben can climb into the glider in his room and rock it until it makes that fun clacking sound against the wall. He likes to play hide-and-peek in his closet. He is learning to make sure it doesn't turn into a game of "pick-up-clothes" for Mom and "boo-boo-buddy-ice-pack-on-fingers" for Ben.

Ben wants to be outside exploring ALL THE TIME. He is a budding-biologist, a natural-naturalist, or maybe a coyote. He has a major melt-down when he has to come in too soon. Melt-downs usually include Ben throwing things, then pointing and announcing "Uh-Oh". I would include a video, but they aren't really as funny as they sound on account of the volume and pitch of the sounds involved (more evidence ... coyote).
Ben is so tall, that he can reach the sink using his step-stool in our bathroom. He drags the stool all over the house to see what else he can reach. It sometimes becomes an appropriate tool. On this particular day, it was a piano bench.
We have extended our Ben-Proofing efforts into the yard. Ben had to be banned from skinny dipping (or dipping, period) with the pond fishes. We are having a heck-of-a-time trying to teach him to stop throwing rocks into the pond. I think, that he thinks, that he is feeding the fish. The consequence is severe (going inside). It still takes multiple tries to get him to stop. The next time we go out... he is at it again. So, I guess we really didn't need the fence... he is going to fill the pond in.
Ben always want to be up at the big-kid table now. He scoots the chair out, climbs up and sits or kneels at the table . He still uses his high chair to eat but, as soon as he perfects the use of an open-top big boy cup, we will be trying a booster chair so he can initiate his food-fights at closer range.
Ben is a little mountain goat these days. You can see the "oops... she caught me" look on his face in this next photo. He tries ALL DAY LONG to climb onto the tables, window sills, counter tops, etc... as if to say, "If you would just let me live outside then this wouldn't be an issue, Mom".
We are proud, and cringing, on a daily basis.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...Out Like A Lamb

Springtime is back! Ben and I cancelled all our errands on account of sunshine. We spent the entire day playing at the park and sight-seeing in the stroller! Ben was faster than the last time he was at the park.Ben definately remembered this park and was telling me all about it's wonderous features.

He was not quite ready to ride the cold metal spring pony, but he petted it a few times.
Ben was much more musical than the last time he was here.
He worked at turning the Tick-Tack-Toe board to all "X"s.
He is looking like such a big boy.
However, he still looks very little on the big playground.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hair Cut #6

This is what fuzzy wuzzy Benbear thinks of getting his hair cut. Actually, he is just being a goof ball in that picture. He was very patient, there were no tears and, with the help of some good ol' Sesame Street episodes, he held relatively still. Now he looks younger and his ears look bigger.This cut isn't likely to last him very long. Like his Daddy, Ben is a real hair farmer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Trails Dill Meister!

Dylan won't officially turn 21 until March 28th, but we won't get to be with him on his actual birthday. So, we started the celebration early. He headed back to college today but, before he did, we had a lot of fun. We sang the traditional song, ate cake and ice cream, played games and made merry.

Dylan's birthday dinner was at 2nd Street Sushi. Man these guys look cool. We classed the joint up quite a bit.
Yep, these guys epitomize cool.
Dylan sent sweet nothings via text message to his wonderful girlfriend, Kelsey. We didn't mind the texting really because, honestly, we missed her too.

Ben studied his book as if it were a menu. He chatted about it like he was ordering one of everything.

We played Dylan's new game, Ingenious. Our moves were actually less and less "ingenious" as the night wore on. There were even some competitive, rather aggressive, gestures. David put on his "thinking cap" to give himself a competitive edge.
Benjamin enjoyed the balloons that Dylan left behind for him.

It was balloon frenzy, really. Ben hadn't played with balloons since his own birthday. He played until his hair started to stand on end from all the static.
He decided that every day should be balloon day!We waved "Bye-Bye" to Fancy Nancy and Mo-Fancy Mochi rat. Our cat can relax now.
We said good-bye, for now, to big brother. We love you! We hope you have a fantabulous birthday!
Have a great second half of the semester! We will be missing you, thinking of you, and blogging to keep in touch!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ben has been calling Dylan "Da-Doooo". Ben was showing Dylan that Mr.Tickles wears a blue hat. This is where Dylan's butt ought to be. That is to say that, if Dylan had one, he would have been sticking it at me in this picture.
The fellas all went out to play Bocce Ball in the springtime weather we've been having."Raise your hand if you are the winner".
This is Dylan posing for a championship Bocce Ball trophy sculpture.
Ben tackled Dylan and pinned him to the mat in a surprising feat of strength.
Ben thought it was pretty funny that the rat was nibbling a carrot.
He got very brave and touched it's tail.
He was not a fan of the rat jumping on him. He wanted that rat OFF right away.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Dylan!!!

Dylan is hanging out with Mom, Dad and his little brother for a few more days of his spring break. We are loving having him home! Dylan may be "uncertain about quantum mechanics", but he is quite certain that he is turning "21" in two short weeks.
I think that Little Tykes needs to revise their age-appropriateness limit for this play equipment.
We had a high of 68 degrees today! The wind was pretty steady at 7mph, but it was so nice having springtime back. Ben spent some time feeding the hungry pond fishes.
The men worked on some Lil' Blue Subaru preventative maintenance.

Ben searched Dylan's back seat for spare cheerios, or other neglected road-trip snacks, but found it sorely deficient.

Dylan volunteered to climb up on our roof to relocate our weather station to the unused antennae pole installed up there. I nibbled all of my fingernails off until he was safely on solid ground again.

Dylan worked on teaching Ben how to jam on his air guitar. However, Ben really wanted to get his hands on the real thing. I see dueling banjos in their future.